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Hey guys, this the debut of this section called App of the Day. You can access this by clicking on the menu called App of the Day on the top of this page. Today, I have chosen Viber as the App of the day. I will provide information about this app and a bit of a review. So let’s start!


Viber is a VoIP app that allows us to connect with people using the app by chat or voice calls via wifi or 3G. Viber integrates seamlessly with your phone and identifies your contacts who already have Viber, so you can start communicating right away. With Viber there is no importing contacts, searching for usernames and sending out invitations. Just select a contact and connect freely!

Viber has just surpassed 100 million registered users to date. And due to that milestone, Viber decided to release new features and various platform support. The app, which essentially lets you make free phone calls, send messages or send photo messages over 3G and WiFi, is currently available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7. But now, Viber extends their platform support for S40, Symbian, and Bada.

Since there are 1.5 billion S40 phones sold worldwide, Viber decided to make their app available for the most sold OS, Nokia’s Series 40. Viber will also be providing support for HD voice calls for Nokia Lumia devices.


Viber is now ready for download at the Nokia Store. It works on Symbian^3/Belle devices and tested on s60v5 and s60v3 on E71 and E72. There’s still no voice call support yet for this platform but sending messages and photo is available. Viber runs on version 2.1.041.


The interface of Viber on Nokia Belle is not much of a looker. It is plain and simple. Only few options available and is very limited for basic use. I just hope that Viber would release the final version in Qt format with the Belle UI.

This is the settings interface. You can navigate through some options like Invite by Mail/SMS which is very straight forward. Share on Facebook and Twitter allows you to share that you are on Viber. You can also activate your location services from the messaging interface. And you can also deactivate you device from Viber by clicking on the Deactivate button.


I was happy to know that finally Viber is out for Symbian devices. Now, it allows us to connect with our friends whose also on Viber. I was surprised because the moment I’ve signed in to Viber, messages from my friends starts to pop up from the screen. I was like how did they know that I’m on Viber? I checked on their website and found out that Viber synchs with both mobile phone number and contact list to generate communication platform become very easy. It gives a notification to your friends that you are using Viber.

The interface is not too impressive and I hope Viber will release a version of this in Qt with a Belle UI. The app version is a bit buggy. Sometimes it exits out by itself, when you click on some option sometimes it freezes. And still no support for voice calling unlike Skype of Fring for Symbian. Still i would recommend this app to Symbian users to experience Viber on your devices. I’m sure that there will be more updates for this app in the coming weeks.

You can get this app on Nokia Store or on our applications section here.


Viber for Nokia Lumia has been available before the Symbian version was released. This app works great on Lumia running on Windows Phone 7.5 as it conforms with Metro UI of the OS.


The interface of Viber for Lumia devices is really great. It conforms with the Metro UI of the Windows Phone. The navigation is smooth as always and options are also accessible anywhere from the screen. You can share a photo and chat with your friends. The apps searches contacts from your phone book and email contacts.

The settings screen shows options for the app. The options are just the same with the Symbian version. You can invite your contacts via SMS and Email. Share your Viber experience on Facebook and Twitter. You can also turn on push notifications which is not present in Symbian and turn on location services. And you can deactivate your device from Viber.


The feature of Viber app for Lumia is somewhat the same in Symbian. It doesn’t have the ability to make voice calls yet but Viber has already announced that an update is coming soon to enable the HD voice calls on Lumia devices. The app is so smooth on Windows Phone 7.5 and never had any issues using the app. I’m sure once the update for HD voice calls has rolled out, this will make your Lumia experience better. Now you have Skype and Viber on your Lumia phone.

You can get this app from the Marketplace.

VIBER FOR NOKIA SERIES 40 (Updated Sept. 14, 2012)

Its just yesterday when Viber app has finally released its version to series40 (s40) in the Nokia Store.


The interface looks better than the Symbian version. I haven’t personally tested this yet so I cannot give any impression. This version still doesn’t have the voice feature yet but Viber has announced recently that voice features will be released very soon.

The Viber for S40 can be downloaded here.