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Now that all Lumia WP8 users are probably installing the latest GDR2/Amber (still no updates for WP7.8? :c) and enjoying its brand new features and add-ons, all eyes are now set for the next update, the GDR3. Rumored to be coming to the WP8 handsets next year, along with a possible “phablet”, everyone is just so excited. Twitter is becoming a hotspot for news, so it is not surprising when reports of GDR3 appearing in Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore’s tweeted photo of his WP start screen. What did the netizens saw?


In Belfiore’s tweet showing a new app for baseball fans, At Bat 13, it is not the app that captured his followers’ eyes. It’s the arrangement of the status bar of his phone, where the icons for battery, network signal, Wi-Fi connection, and time appears commonly. Unlike the common position where the icons are spread along the space, the tweeted start screen shows all icons grouped to the left, with the time alone on the right. The frequent internet browsers sure have sharp eyes, don’t they? The question is, did Microsoft’s head of the WP program just leaked the latest start screen for the upcoming GDR3 update, which is believed to be bringing the WP8.1 (codenamed Blue) to all WP8 handsets?

We won’t know for sure, but a healthy dose of rumors is also vital to keep the promotions alive and moving. We just have to wait for further official announcements to confirm that leaks that seem to pop out everywhere. For the meantime, take this rumor with a pinch of salt.


Thanks to The Verge for the photo!