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Finally, after months of tirelessly waiting, the Nokia Lumia Icon is now here! Currently being offered for pre-ordering in physical Microsoft Stores and soon to be launched by Verizon Wireless, this smaller variant of the Lumia 1520 had made many Nokia fans curious as to what it can offer to the smartphone users of today. So to answer all queries, Nokia US had just posted the official video ad of the Lumia Icon!


Nokia Lumia Icon, the new Windows Phone flagship for Verizon Wireless, has a lot of features to offer potential smartphone buyers. I know you are very familiar by now with the Lumia 1520 (read our review HERE), so we won’t be doing an extensive explanation on the specs of Icon, since most of it is actually came from the Nokia phablet.


The Lumia Icon sports a 20MP PureView Camera with Zeiss Optics, Optical Imaging Stabilization (OIS), and dual LED flash, which allows users to capture amazing, blur free photos and videos. It can clearly record videos with 1080P (full HD) resolution, and although it doesn’t offer the lossless zoom found in the Lumia 1020, you can still capture videos in high resolution even if zoomed 3x! Lumia Icon also has the directional sound recording technology, which can record only the necessary sounds while reducing the background noise – perfect for memorable events! And don’t forget Nokia awesome imaging app: Nokia Camera!


Similar to the 1520, Nokia had given Lumia Icon full HD display resolution, which will surely be useful for those who utilize the screen a lot, mainly gamers and video watchers. Even under the sun, you won’t miss a thing with the improved outdoor visibility feature. Nokia ClearBlack Technology can also do wonders with Icon since it makes the display stand out more without exhausting too much battery power.


It won’t be a Lumia 1520 sibling for nothing; Lumia Icon is beautifully crafted not only to look great, but also to perform better than other smartphone brands. Following the trend of Lumia 925’s classy design, Nokia had utilized metal chassis to make Icon not only durable, but very stylish and sophisticated looking as well. No worries with the screen, since they had covered it with Gorilla Glass 3 for maximum protection.

Power from within is another thing to look forward with Lumia Icon. With its 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAm and 32GB internal storage, there won’t be a single lag in performance with this new Lumia. Even though it doesn’t have a battery that will match the two Nokia phablets, Lumia Icon’s 2,420 mAh battery is still more powerful that the ones found in earlier Lumia devices – not to mention that it also offers Qi-standard wireless charging for no hassle power up!

The specs above are the ones mentioned in the video – just a small fraction of what the Lumia Icon can give to smartphone users. Yes, there’s more to this new Lumia that meets the eye, and we’re really excited on seeing more updates about Icon! Too bad it’s only offered to Verizon customers. We hope Nokia will see the potential of the Lumia Icon and make an international version just before they say goodbye to the mobile device business – a last gift for their loyal users, perhaps?

For those who are again interested with the Nokia Lumia Icon, you may check it at the online Microsoft Store. Its arriving on February 20 on Verizon Wireless  and will cost $199.00 on a two-year contract plan. It comes in colors black and white.