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nokia-lumia-monarchIt’s been a long while since T-Mobile had their own Lumia flagship. Currently, AT&T has the Lumia 1520, while Verizon Wireless has the Lumia Icon. As for the top 2 WP mobile carrier, they are still offering the Lumia 521 and 925. Both are popular handsets, but consumers are still bound to look for a new Lumia to spice up their mobile experience.

The good news is, there is a possibility for a new Lumia coming to T-Mobile. @evleaks has just posted a new codename of a Nokia smartphone, and the tweet specifies that the upcoming device called Nokia Monarch will be making its way soon into the hands of T-Mobile subscribers. Could this be a new device or any of the earlier rumored handsets such as the Lumia 530, 630, and 930?

If they are going to have their own version of any of the three Lumias mentioned above, there is a change that the Lumia 635, a variant of the 630, could be the next T-Mobile Lumia. Unless they are developing a totally different Lumia, similar to Icon, then we might be in for a very pleasant surprise.

These appearances of new Lumia codenames really thrilled us more than ever. Since all new Nokia smartphones will be running on WP 8.1, that doubles the fun and excitement! What do you think about Nokia Monarch? Post your comments and let your voice be heard!