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Viber is an app that lets you make free calls and send free texts. Viber was already available for all major platforms – iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Their multi-platform approach bundled with great features surely helped them cross 100 million users. And because of this, Viber has announced support for S40, Symbian and Bada to further expand their user base. Good news is Viber app will also be available to old Symbian devices. (In reference to previous post Viber)

Viber app is now available in Nokia Store for all Symbian and Series 40 devices (though app for s40 still not available). I have tested the app in Symbian s60v5 and s60v3 devices like 5800Xm and e72. This app version works for making free text only as the app is still in beta version.

How to set up Viber:

1. Install the app from Nokia Store. Run Viber and tap on ‘Continue’ on the Welcome screen.

2. Tap ‘OK’ or ‘Allow’ on the following pop up notification:
      “Allow access to the address book”

3. Choose your country and then type in your phone number with the cell prefix included and tap on ‘Continue’.

4. Within 60 seconds you will receive an SMS with an Access Code.

5. Once you receive your code, it should continue the registration process automatically. However, if not, just enter the Access Code in the Viber Setup screen and click on ‘Enter’.

You have now activated Viber and you can start sending free text messages to any of your Viber contacts.

It feels so good that developers like Viber still gives attention to other mobile operating system unlike others who only focus on iOS and Android. This will make more people get in touch with their family, friends and colleagues for free via wifi or data connection.

If you are having trouble with Viber, you can access their Support page here.

You can get this app from our Applications section or from this link.

Source: Viber / Nokia Store