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AT&T, Nokia’s leading partner for its Lumia smartphones, is aggressive to promote the new flagship device Lumia 1020, as it rolls out the US mobile phone market. True to its word that they will give the amazing handset with a “hero” status, in addition to its lively launches and promotions to all AT&T stores in the US, they are continuously releasing new video ads that will cover the phone’s best features. Let’s see what the 3 new video ads from AT&T have to offer.

Posted on Windows Phone’s YouTube account, the above videos focuses on Lumia 1020’s amazing 41MP Pureview Technology Camera. The ads showcase different camera capabilities only the 1020 can do: lossless zoom, shot reframing and smart shoot feature, the action shot. Truly, Nokia’s state-of-the-art camera innovation had left all other smartphones a few miles away – no one will surely disagree with the tagline “nothing else comes close”.

All these video ads about Lumia 1020 makes me more excited for its launching here in the Philippines this coming December. We’ll keep you updated with the latest news on Lumia 1020 here in Nokia Revolution!